The BASE Roundtables

Episode 1 - Staying Safe Online

February 05, 2024 British Association for Screen Entertainment Season 1 Episode 1
The BASE Roundtables
Episode 1 - Staying Safe Online
Show Notes

In conjunction with Safer Internet Day 2024, episode one features a discussion between five experts tasked with driving positive change around child internet use that will speak to parents and the broader community about the issues around staying safe online.

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Safer Internet Day 2024 takes place today, with celebrations and learning based around the theme, "Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online".

3/4s of young people (71%) told the UK Safter Internet Centre that they feel a responsibility to report negative behaviour online, such as bullying, harassment, and illegal sharing of content and pictures. However, only 22% of young people say they have reported worrying or bad online behaviour, while only 33% say they haven’t needed to. The reasons for not doing so include not knowing how, thinking there is no point, or worrying they will be targeted. Education, social norms, peer interaction, and personal experience heavily influence them.

Now, more than ever, we can support younger generations with education about the harms that exist online, what, when and how to do something and support and advice about what and where to report without fear of retribution.

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